Renaissance school project, other bills pass in Assembly

TRENTON – The Assembly passed bills Thursday dealing with renaissance school projects, horse racing permits, and more.

A732 – A bill making it a 3rd degree crime to practice or represent oneself to others concerning licensed or certified health care related professions. It passed 73-0-0.

A1528 – A bill that modifies service outage compensation and notice requirements for cable TV companies. It passed 71-0-1.

S2821 – Makes changes to the Urban Hope Act including the financing and location of renaissance school projects. It passed 51-18-5.

A3270 – A bill that requires the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development to develop a career exploration report for students in grades 7 through 12. It passed 74-0.

A4149 – A bill that authorizes the New Jersey Racing Commission to grant a special permit for horse racing on the beach. It passed 74-0.

A4189 – A bill that modifies short-time unemployment benefit law. It passed 74-0.


Renaissance school project, other bills pass in Assembly