Rumor Roundup: NYC Techies Hit the TV Circuit and Betaworks Has Its Own American Idol

Ready for their close up This week was the week NYC techies flocked to the TV circuit for their 15 minutes.

Ready for their close up This week was the week NYC techies flocked to the TV circuit for their 15 minutes. Betaworks CEO John Borthwick took to CNBC’s Power Lunch for a segment about the hugely popular iPhone game Dots, an app built within the tech non-incubator by designer Patrick Moberg. Digg general manager Jake Levine Instagrammed a photo of Mr. Borthwick’s appearance with the pithy caption, “Dots Gone Wild.”

(Screenshot: Instagram)
(Screenshot: Instagram)

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed’s John Herrman appeared on Piers Morgan Live to discuss NSA leaker Edward Snowden and PR flack Ashley McCollum took the opportunity to take the below screenshot.

Don’t worry, we’re sure it was referring to Mr. Snowden.

American idol Speaking of Betaworks, think they’re incubating the next Phillip Phillips?

Liv Tyler, technophobe That Thing You Do actress Liv Tyler probably won’t be eschewing her acting career to become a tech company spokesperson any time soon. At a recent event for fashion designer Stella McCartney, Ms. Tyler spotted a woman wearing Google Glass and immediately freaked out over the creepy-looking face computer. “Liv practically accosted a woman wearing Google Glass,” one source told the New York Post. “She stopped and said, ‘Is that a camera on your glasses? That’s scary. Are you filming right now?’”

Once the woman assured her Glass wasn’t recording, she calmed down a bit. You’d think as a recurring character in Lord of the Rings she’d be more down with the geeks.

No more face computers We know what you’re thinking: you want all the fun of Google Glass, but you’re not into looking like a weird cyborg. Well, there’s good news, courtesy of Science: Google Glass could soon be available in contact lens form.

Last week, MIT Technology Review reported that researchers in South Korea (who don’t work for Google) were experimenting with contact lenses and LEDs, in the hopes of one day creating “a wearable contact-lens display that can do all the things Google Glass can do,” according to the head researcher. They tested the LED-mounted lenses on rabbits—whose eyes are apparently similar to humans’—and the rabbits were totally fine. Success! It’s too bad Google banned Tits and Glass, because these contacts could make for some delightfully discreet porn viewing.

That’s so Martha At Wednesday night’s “Entertaining Martha Stewart” event at the 92Y, interviewer Andy Cohen held court with the domestic empress in an hour-long talk that ranged from promoting her new book (it’s her 82nd!) to revealing that she knows how to properly roll a joint, proving that she can indeed do anything.

The Bravo host also asked a question about her thoughts on Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In. After inching toward the end of her chair, exuding a light chortle, she caustically retorted, “I think I’ve been leaning in a long time.” Her candid answer delighted the crowd, but she did add that she has a lot of admiration for Ms. Sandberg. Lean in and backtrack, Martha!

Mo’ money, mo’ upvotes Our mothers always told us it was tacky to discuss money in public. Well, call us Peggy Bundy, because we can’t tear ourselves away from this Reddit thread where New Yorkers are dishing the deets on their salaries. The highest-paying jobs are in the fields of, surprise!, tech and finance. A 3D graphic designer makes about $60k, a mobile software developer makes $140k, and a product manager at a tech startup earns $115k with a 12.50-percent bonus. Kiddies, drop those liberal arts majors while you can!

Plastic police Celebuspawn brat and sartorial commentator Kelly Osbourne believes someone is having a shopping spree on her dime in the Middle East. The “Fashion Police” co-host tweeted this afternoon: “Somebody got my credit card number and is shopping in Israel #awesome.” Well, good luck with that, Kelly. Maybe sic Joan Rivers on the perp.

Rumor Roundup: NYC Techies Hit the TV Circuit and Betaworks Has Its Own American Idol