Screw Snapchat: Privatext Promises It’ll Actually Delete Your Sexts

Pitch: Snapchat...but it works.

No dancing ghost on Privatext.
No dancing ghost on Privatext.

With the revelation that the government knows who you’re texting and that Snapchat’s dissolve feature is a bunch of baloney, it’s hard out there for anyone to share their friend’s secrets (or sexts) with others. Take comfort in the fact there’s finally a solution thanks to a new app called Privatext, an app that promises to actually work in wiping out your messages.

Compared to Snapchat’s technology, which rivals that of a toy in a Happy Meal, Privatext delivers both picture and text messages using end-to-end encryption to ensure it can’t be copied, saved or intercepted. It is out today for free for iOS with Android and Blackberry versions coming soon.

To access a message on the app, it requires up to two passwords, they can be deleted after a certain amount of time (even if they’re not opened) and messages can’t be saved or forwarded. Once read, the messages are deleted from both of the users’ phones and Privatext’s servers–or at least that’s what they claim.

If that doesn’t yet feel like something out of a Heineken-sponsored James Bond movie, users are given PIN codes as screen names. “This ensures that you and only you will know the people that you are communicating with, preventing misusage of your account,” the app explains.

Anyone want to sext with us…for research?

(H/T GigaOM) Screw Snapchat: Privatext Promises It’ll Actually Delete Your Sexts