The Times Shutters Its College Admissions Blog

Neurotic parents everywhere panic.

The ChoiceThe Choice, the New York Times blog devoted to the college admissions process, has announced that it will stop publishing new posts.

The blog was founded in March 2009 by education reporter Jacques Steinberg, author of The Gatekeepers, a well-received book about the college admissions committee at Wesleyan College. In his first post for the blog, Mr. Steinberg said that he hoped to use his expertise to make the process less anxiety-provoking for high school seniors.

“Applying to college can be among the most bewildering experiences in the life of an American teenager,” he wrote at the time. “Through this blog, my New York Times colleagues and I hope to serve as a regular online companion and resource to those of you running this gantlet.”

The Choice took pains to show that it was not simply a blog for neurotic New York-area parents and their over-scheduled offspring, reminding readers in almost every post that “there are nearly 2,000 four-year colleges and universities in this country, and most admit far more applicants than they reject.”

It sought out high school students living far from New York—in India and Kansas, for instance—to blog about their own college admissions experiences. But it was also the blog where privileged parents and students went to check out the latest early admissions numbers from the Ivy League.

Mr. Steinberg took a buyout this past January, leaving The Choice in the hands of its assistant editor, Tanya Abrams. The blog was shut down today as part of the Times‘s ongoing re-evaluation of its blogs, which has already resulted in the shuttering of Media Decoder and the Green blog and the expansion of India Ink.

Where will privileged parents and students talk about colleges now? The Choice recommends The Learning Network, the Times‘s education blog, but we suspect most will turn to “College Confidential,” home of such posts as “Stupidest reason child won’t look at a college?,” which has over 1,000 responses, and “NYU said that they were impressed with my performance on the standardized test?<em>The Times</em> Shutters Its College Admissions Blog