Whoops! The New Republic Mistakes Susan Rice for Condi Rice

TNR Condi RiceSusan Rice, Condi Rice—who can tell the difference?

Certainly not The New Republic, who tweeted “With today’s news, our Facebook page is starting to resemble a Condie (sic) Rice photo shoot” earlier this afternoon.

At the time, The New Republic‘s Facebook page featured a large photo and portrait of Susan Rice, President Obama’s new National Security Advisor. There were no photos of Condoleezza Rice, President Bush’s National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State.

But despite the mix-up, TNR was not trying to reference the fact that both Condoleezza Rice and Susan Rice are black women (and so resemble one another), they just made a mistake. After The Observer brought the tweet to the attention of Hillary Kelly, the New Republic social media/iPad editor who is in charge of the @TNR twitter feed, the account tweeted a clarification. Ms. Kelly also DM’d The Observer to say that it was an accident.

Phew. It’s good to know The New Republic isn’t racist. After all, we all make mistakes on Twitter (like misspelling the former Secretary of State’s nickname). Whoops! <em>The New Republic</em> Mistakes Susan Rice for Condi Rice