Wind energy tax credit bill advances

TRENTON – The Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee released bills Thursday dealing with wind energy tax credits and public-private partnerships.

A1569: This bill would expand the opportunity for tax credits for wind energy projects. It was released 6-0.

This bill would amend the 2010 “Offshore Wind Economic Development Act.” It would expand the definition of “wind energy zone” to include property located in the so-called “Portfields Initiative,” specifically around the Perth Amboy area.

Sponsor Assemblyman John Wisniewski said the jobs created by wind energy would especially be helpful for the Perth Amboy area, hard hit by joblessness.

The tax credits expired in January and this would extend them.

A4082: This bill, the “Governmental Energy Reliability and Savings Public-Private Partnership Act,” permits private companies to propose to government agencies energy-related projects at public facilities through a public-private partnership.  It passed, 4-0-2, with amendments removing the provision that exempted the partnerships from public bidding requirements.

Wind energy tax credit bill advances