Yahoo Is About to Delete That User Name You Forgot You Had



When’s the last time you’ve logged in to your Yahoo account? Do it soon since the website is about obliterate an unreleased number of inactive user names since Team Marissa is under some belief that the key to its turnaround is letting people have less gauche user names.

Those affected are users who haven’t signed into their Yahoo account for 12 months “to give our loyal users and new folks the opportunity to sign up for the Yahoo ID they’ve always wanted,” a spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal and bestowing an early Christmas gift that none of us asked for.

However, the company remained mum on how many inactive accounts there were aside from saying  a “good number.” Eager users can start requesting the new names in July and the deletions will start later this summer. Yahoo thinks offering better usernames that aren’t affixed with several numbers will amp up the number of active users and attract more (some?) people to its services, like Mail, on the advertising-dependent site.

Don’t mind any emails you get for the original owner. What’s the occasional past-due notice or naked selfie between Internet friends? Yahoo Is About to Delete That User Name You Forgot You Had