Andrew Goldman Will ‘Talk’ No More

Image via Twitter.
Andrew Goldman and Marcia Gay Harden (Image via Twitter).

Andrew Goldman is leaving the The New York Times Magazine‘s “Talk” column. Mr. Goldman came to the Times  in 2011 to replace Deborah Solomon from Elle, where he interviewed celebrities about their dating lives in his monthly “Cherchez La Femme” column.

Mr. Goldman announced his departure via Twitter.

“Marcia Gay Harden: my last TALK interview. Best job ever. I’ll miss me in the paper. Thanks for loving and hating,” Mr. Goldman tweeted this morning. He also updated his Twitter bio to read “former New York Times Magazine interviewer.”

The most extreme incident of the “hating” that Mr. Goldman is presumably referring to happened last October, when the writer got in a highly publicized Twitter feud with novelist Jennifer Weiner. Ms. Weiner accused Mr. Goldman, via Twitter, of sexism after he asked Birds star Tipi Hendren if she ever considered sleeping with a director for a role. Mr. Goldman responded to the accusation by insinuating that Ms. Weiner wished that she had had the opportunity to sleep her way to the top. The ultimate result of the brouhaha was a month long suspension.

A source told Capital that the column “would likely be filled by a rotating cast until a permanent replacement is named.”

Mr. Goldman did not respond to our request for comment on his departure. Andrew Goldman Will ‘Talk’ No More