Bernhard Goetz Endorses Ray Kelly for Mayor

Bernhard Goetz. (Photo: Facebook/pages)

Bernhard Goetz. (Photo: Facebook/pages)

“Subway Vigilante” Bernhard Goetz is now the latest name to jump on the “Ray Kelly for Mayor” bandwagon.

“I trust Ray Kelly. I wish he would run for mayor,” Mr. Goetz told Steve Malzberg during a radio appearance broadcast on Newsmax TV.

Mr. Kelly, of course, has said repeatedly he has no plans to enter the crowded contest, and the deadline has already passed for GOP candidates to submit petitions to enter the primary. But that didn’t stop Mr. Goetz–who became a symbol of sky-high crime in the 1980s after he shot four teens he alleged were trying to mug him on the subway–from urging Republicans to “give” him the nomination.

“If the Republicans want to get a mayor elected, you know what they should do? Just give Ray Kelly the nomination. Don’t give it to [former MTA Chair Joe] Lhota. Give it to Ray Kelly,” he said.

Mr. Goetz went on to pan the current field of candidates as “typical New York politicians,” unlike, say, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani or the current occupant of Gracie mansion, Michael Bloomberg.

“They’re basically weak people ethically, morally. They’re not heavy hitters like Giuliani or Bloomberg,” he said. “I consider the city lucky to have a mayor like Bloomberg. I don’t like him, but nobody likes him. He’s not a likable man. But at least he’s basically honest, even if you don’t agree with a number of the things he’s done.”

Still, he saw a silver lining. “The good news,” he added, “is only one of them’s going to win the Democratic primary and only one of them’s going to be mayor.”

Mr. Goetz also weighed in on the controversial George Zimmerman verdict, which he said reminded him of his own racially-charged trial.

“America’s focusing on the wrong issue here,” he said, arguing that the people who have been protesting in the wake of the not-guilty verdict are “socialists” who “do not represent America And they do not represent white people and they do not represent black people.”

He further slammed the mayoral candidates for their critical responses to the verdict.

“They just look like a bunch of jerks,” he explained.

Bernhard Goetz Endorses Ray Kelly for Mayor