Bill would permit car dealers to operate on Sundays

TRENTON  – Car hunting on a Sunday? It could happen if a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo becomes law.

DeAngelo, (D-14), Hamilton, believes an antiquated measure keeping car dealers closed on Sundays belongs on the scrap heap.

“The cars sold today could never have been imagined 80 years ago, yet we are still limiting dealership sales days to a standard set by a 1937 law.  It’s time to update the law and open the doors to car dealerships on Sundays,” DeAngelo said in a release to announce introduction of A4255.

The exception to this revision would be counties such as Bergen that have so-called blue laws in effect.

According to the 1937 law, first offenses carry a $100 fine and 10 days in prison.  A law passed in 2011 permitted motorcycle sales in New Jersey, according to DeAngelo.

“The law making it a crime to sell motor vehicles dates back to a time and place when society was very different and most communities were dormant on Sundays.  The reality is that Sundays are oftentimes the only day of the week when families can go out together to stop into a showroom or test drive a car,” DeAngelo said.

He said that there are only 12 other states that also prohibit Sunday sales of cars.

The bill has been sent to the Transportation and Public Works Committee.

Bill would permit car dealers to operate on Sundays