Does ‘Carlos Danger’ Work for The New York Post?

"Carlos Danger"

‘Carlos Danger’ (Twitter/Emily Ngo)

Carlos Danger was present at yesterday’s housing policy discussion at Pace University. No, not Anthony Weiner, though the mayoral candidate who allegedly uses the moniker for his online dalliances was there too.

This “Carlos Danger” was a man dressed in a red cape, black mask and “Zorro” hat.

In a video broadcast last night on CNN, the man can be seen running up to Mr. Weiner as he enters the university. “Why did you steal my name?” he demands, in an affected Spanish accent. “I am Carlos. Why’d you steal my name?” Mr. Weiner ignores him and enters the building.

But who is Carlos Danger, really?

A source told The Observer that the costumed man is actually New York Post reporter Reuven Fenton, and three fellow reporters positively identified Mr. Fenton. (Mr. Fenton did not return multiple requests for comment.) His Facebook profile photo additionally shows a a resemblance.

If the costumed character is indeed Mr. Fenton, well, then, the city desk reporter is no stranger to the Weiner sexting scandal. In 2011, he scored the first interview with Gennette Cordova, a 21 year-old college student that Mr. Weiner had sexted. (Ironically, Ms. Cordova later accused him of misrepresenting himself to get her quotes; the Post stood by its story.)

The Post, like the rest of New York media, has aggressively covered the latest Weiner scandal. The paper even works “Carlos Danger” jokes into unrelated stories and posted ten separate online articles about Mr. Weiner today alone—including a piece about people actually named “Carlos Danger.”

But it has not yet published anything about a reporter dressing up as Mr. Weiner’s sext-happy alter ego and going to the mayoral forum.

But there’s still time. This Weiner story isn’t going anywhere. Does ‘Carlos Danger’ Work for <em>The New York Post</em>?