Dog Caught in Upper East Side Love Triangle Killed



In a sad turn of events, man’s best friend became a victim of a man’s jealousy.

A Siberian Husky, Max, was crushed between the scaffolding of a building Sunday morning after a jaunted man allegedly attempted to run over his owner, a second boy toy of his girlfriend.

“Max was a good dog,” eulogized owner Dejan Piskacek, 32, to the Daily NewsIn addition to being a good dog, Max was also the face of the Psyberia Dry Goods clothing line.

The incident began when Wilfredo Vega, 23, drove by his former fling on a walk with Mr. Piskacek and Max, around 88th St. and Lexington Ave.

The Daily News reports that the unnamed woman, a barista, was taking turns dating both of the men.

Mr. Vega first attempted to intimidate Mr. Piskacek by threatening him with baseball bat and flicking his cigarette at him, Mr. Piskacek said to the paper.

After that, the men prompted the woman to chose one of them. The woman chose Mr. Vega, because you always go with the guy holding the bat.

The incident escalated after the woman joined Mr. Vega in his car, according to the paper, and he attempted to mow down his competition with his automobile.

As Mr. Piskacek fled behind the scaffolding, Max was caught between Mr. Vega’s bumper and a hard place.

“Max didn’t make it,” he added. “He pinned Max to the scaffolding.”

Mr. Vega was arrested and charged with attempted assault, reckless endangerment and overdriving, torturing and injuring an animal. He is held on $5,000 bail.

Dog Caught in Upper East Side Love Triangle Killed