Drunk Teens Trash Innocent Woman’s Home After Party Invite Goes Viral on Facebook

Lock them all up.

Probably how it looked like. (Photo: Hashgram)

Probably how it looked. (Photo: Hashgram)

Teens’ never-ending rampage to destroy everything in this world has claimed another victim. This time, one woman said hundreds of the uninvited nuisances trashed her home in Belfast after somebody posted her son’s party invite on Facebook. BBC News reports that some of the teens were rioters who have been involved in sectarian violence in other sections of Northern Ireland.

Her son planned the original “social gathering,” but a stranger obtained the details and posted it on the social networking site. About a half hour later, a few hundred ravenous teens tore through the locked front door, a side gate and climbed over the fence, practically destroying the home.

The woman wasn’t home, but her son and some of his friends were when the the house party reached peak rager.

“My dining room table was smashed, there were cigarette butts in my bath, the bath was kicked in. They actually stole the food out of my fridge,” the woman told BBC Northern Ireland. The neighbors tried keeping the flock of teens from entering the home, but it was nearly impossible:

“Young people, drunk, lying on the ground drunk, throwing up,” she said, adding that teens were still showing up when she was cleaning up her house early Sunday morning. “They actually came, broke into my house and totally trashed it and left again. I wouldn’t condone that type of behaviour on any housing estate, but that’s what happened.”

No arrests have been made. Of course, when Snow Patrol is the only thing on Irish radio, these kids were bound to snap. Drunk Teens Trash Innocent Woman’s Home After Party Invite Goes Viral on Facebook