Eat, Pray, Delete: Experts Said Social Networks Should Create “Break-up” Tools to Clear Your Profile of Your Ex

Another reason to hate Facebook.

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After a break-up, the social media cleanse of your wretched ex is often more difficult than dealing with the physical objects left scattered in your apartment. So despite the fact that it’s entirely your fault for filling your feed with annoying coupley pictures, so-called experts said it’s actually Facebook’s problem for not have a feature to make it easier to delete all that couple content.

Two degreed professors believe that social networking sites should magically create tools with “automatic software”¬†to scrape through profiles and rid them of the digital evidence of your relationship. In turn,¬†the move should help crushed people heal faster following the break-up.

That discovery came from Dr. Corina Sas and Professor Steve Whittacker,¬†who surveyed 24 sad millenials on how they dealt with their online breakups following a relationship that just wasn‚Äôt meant to be.¬†The “digital¬†possessions” ranged from texts, videos, emails and online photo albums sent to and from each other.

And in the sharing economy, all that stuff is circulated around online, which makes it harder to avoid. The participants said the more they look at those things, the sadder they become:

“The greatest problems involved content on Facebook where couples could easily be reminded of their ex unless they deliberately unfriended them. Even then, there could be content about your ex on your friends’ pages which you can’t delete,” said Dr. Sas.

They reported that people deal with all those digital traces in three ways: deleting everything, selectively¬†deleting them when the time is right or, alternatively, saving everything since that sounds like a mentally stable thing to do. There’s a happy medium though:

“The best approach is not to act on impulse but instead try to wait. Then you can select which memories you want to keep and which you are confident you will not regret deleting,” said Dr. Sas.

Or just throw rocks at Mark Zuckerberg’s window until he creates a nuke button.

Eat, Pray, Delete: Experts Said Social Networks Should Create “Break-up” Tools to Clear Your Profile of Your Ex