Even the Times Twitter Feed Issues Corrections Sometimes

@NYTMetro's Twitter Avatar.

@NYTMetro’s Twitter Avatar.

Earlier today, the Times Metro desk Twitter feed had to issue a grammatical correction after it erroneously referred to the word “modesty” as an adjective. “Of the many adjectives used to describe Chris Christie, modesty may not be one of them,” @NYTMetro tweeted, with a link to a story about the New Jersey politician

Many Twitter grammarians, including writer Lilit Marcus, pointed out that “modesty” is a noun, no matter whom it is describing. Ms. Marcus’s tweet calling out @NYTMetro for the part-of-speech error was a big hit–it was retweeted over 200 times and favorited (a verb, if a rather tenuous one) by more than 100 Twitter users.

“I have tweeted quite a bit about grammar errors made by major publications,” Ms. Marcus said. “I guess people only care when it’s the Times.”

The Times’s Metro desk Twitter feed gamely issued a correction.

Even the <em>Times</em> Twitter Feed Issues Corrections Sometimes