F bombs away

A new book about the 2012 presidential contest says Gov. Chris Christie threatened to drop an F-bomb on live television if his prepapred video did not run before his GOP National Convention speech last summer, according to a CBS News report on the book by Washington Post reporter Dan Balz.

When convention organizers tried to cut the three-minute video due to time constraints, Christie, who was there to give the keynote address, reportedly told organizers to ask the director if he’d ever heard anyone say F*%$ on live television, because that’s what he was going to do, according to the book, entitled “Collision 2012.”

Christie reportedly then told organizers he wouldn’t give the speech.  According to the CBS report on the book, Russ Schriefer, convention team leader for candidate Mitt Romney, intervened and instructed organizers to play the video.

A spokesman for the governor did not immediately respond to a call for comment on the report.

Also according to the book, Romney courted Christie heavily to be his running mate, however, when Christie refused to resign his governorship to join Romney’s ticket, he was dropped from consideration becaue of Securities and Exchange Commission rules barring donations from large banks to candidates in states where the banks are located.  Having Christie on the ticket and also in the governor’s chair would have barred Romney, a former hedge fund founder, from accepting Wall Street cash.

F bombs away