Hong Kong Man Claims His Galaxy S4 Torched His House

Arson is a bug, not a feature.

From Xianguo.com.
The alleged damage, from Xianguo.com.

We’ve seen a string of smartphone horror stories lately, like that Chinese woman allegedly electrocuted when she took a call on her charging iPhone. Here’s another: A Hong Kong man says that his Galaxy S4 recently set his home on fire.

The Register reports (based on a translated report from Xianguo.com, so, you know, grain of salt):

“According to Mr Du, he was playing a quick game of Love Machine on his Galaxy S4 when it exploded into flame, causing him to cast it onto the alarmingly flammable sofa and thus gutting his whole house.”

The man, who luckily made it outside safely, says that he was using a legit charger and battery made by Samsung. But as the Register points out, it’s not unheard of for retailers to slap a brand on a no-name, slightly mismatched battery. The smartphone maker is investigating, but in the meantime, maybe steer clear of extra-flammable fabrics if you’re buying new furniture. Hong Kong Man Claims His Galaxy S4 Torched His House