Hotties From USA’s Suits Are Going to Infiltrate Your Tinder Feed

Rachel Zane probably loves Tinder.

Find these bros on Tinder, sort of. (Photo: USA)

Find these bros on Tinder. (Photo: USA)

It was only a matter of time before Tinder introduced some sort of advertisement. USA Network announced that it’s the first one to hook up with the IAC-backed dating app to promote the upcoming season of the most bromantic show ever, Suits.

Despite the fact that Tinder hasn’t disclosed its number of active users or downloads, the company says that 65 percent of users log-in multiple times a week and make 1.5 million new intros a day. That’s a lot of casual hooking up! USA said it was attracted to the app’s sexually aroused millennial user base, particularly men between 18 to 34 because as its trying to recruit new viewers to the show. (A USA exec told Variety that they’re an “incredibly hard audience” to reach.)

Starting tomorrow, characters of both sexes–like the studly Harvey Specter, probable Tinder user Mike Ross and seductive Rachel Zane–will appear on Tinder. But too bad if you want to bone one of them since if you swipe right, the app will direct you to a profile containing “exclusive content” from the show, like exciting video clips, and not their phone numbers.

Money wasn’t exchanged in the transaction. USA will promote Tinder on those annoying in-program graphics and on social media. And the execs at Tinder absolutely love Suits, writes Variety:

After Shapiro discovered many of the network’s younger employees are active Tinder users, USA reached out to the West Hollywood-based startup about a partnership. Turns out “Suits” is one of Tinder topper Sean Rad’s favorite shows and he agreed to the marketing stunt on the spot, according to Shapiro.

Ha, who needs money when you have enthusiasm?

Hotties From USA’s Suits Are Going to Infiltrate Your Tinder Feed