Huffington Post Goes Bananas Over Poor Quality Fruit

Bad bananas bedevil bloggers


(Wikimedia Commons)

If you work at the Huffington Post, you may want to avoid the bananas.

Earlier this afternoon, Arianna Huffington’s chief of staff, Daniel Koh, sent out an all-staff email with the subject line: “We are aware of problems with banana quality in the 5th floor kitchen. We are addressing.”

Soon, Huffington Post reporters and editors began replying to the email, sharing their own banana experiences.

“BQ [banana quality] has been an issue for some time—very glad to hear,” one staffer wrote.

“I just ate one…it seemed fine. Should I worry?” asked another.

“Nice knowing you,” replied a third.

One common, if odd, complaint was that the bananas were too hot. “I haven’t noted the quality today but I will add that there have been several days in the past when the bananas have been alarmingly hot,” a reporter noted, adding: “I mean their temperature—not aesthetically.”

“I have definitely heard some complaints about warm bananas,” another reporter wrote.

One staffer confessed: “When the air conditioning gets too cold in here I’ve taken to warming my hands over the [banana] pile.”

The shared experience of bananas led to cross-floor camaraderie. “Bananas are really good on the 4th floor. Come on down!” one staffer wrote to her fifth-floor peers.

A reporter journeyed down to the fourth floor, only to have her hopes dashed. “And turns out they’re actually not any better down here on 4,” she sadly reported.

Huffington Post Goes Bananas Over Poor Quality Fruit