Kvetch to Congress About Train Delays With ‘I’m Stuck’ App

Change is nigh! Well, maybe.

Hot and possibly slow. (Photo: Wikipedia)
Hot and possibly slow. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Turning to the stranger next to you to smack-talk the MTA when your train is delayed may be incredibly gratifying, but it doesn’t do much to improve mass transit.

A new app is seeking to change that, the Chicago Tribune reports. Known as I’m Struck, the app enables you to pen a rage-filled screed and email it to an elected official in hopes that he or she will put the creaky, smelly train wheels of change in motion.

I’m Stuck comes from Building America’s Future, “a bipartisan coalition of former and current elected officials who advocate increased spending to modernize transportation and infrastructure in the U.S.,” the Trib reports. Its co-chairs are former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, former California governor Arnold Schwarzenneger and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg — which begs the question, shouldn’t these guys be able to effect change more efficiently than a bunch of pissed-off people with smartphones?

Well, Mr. Rendell says, the emails may act as a “permission slip” to blow taxpayer bucks on infrastructure updates, according to the Trib:

“Everyone in Washington, including tea party members and conservative Republicans, has said that they believe infrastructure spending is the most important thing we can do, after defense,” Rendell told the Tribune. “But nobody is willing to pull the trigger and fund it.

“So we have to create enough pressure outside the Beltway to tell Congress, ‘You have waited too long, we are losing global competitiveness and our quality of life suffers. Get your rear ends in gear and spend money on infrastructure,'” Rendell said.

Ugh, politicians and their lazy rear ends. We may as well give this a shot, fellow mass transit lemmings. Worst case scenario: you get to call your congressman names. Kvetch to Congress About Train Delays With ‘I’m Stuck’ App