Man Faces Three Years in Jail For Taking a 3-Year-Old’s iPhone

Someone call the jerk police.

Just like this. (Photo: Let's Unlock iPhone)

Just like this. (Photo: Let’s Unlock iPhone)

Kids in Manhattan are so wealthy that even they have become targets for meanie iPhone thieves. That’s what happened to Aidan Tally, a 3-year-old who had his mother’s device snatched from him by 53-year-old jerk Feliberto Ramirez in March. Last week, the little child got his first taste of justice as Mr. Ramirez was sentenced up to three years in prison by a Manhattan Supreme Court for the crime.

The incident happened at a store near Broadway and E. Fourth St., when little Tally was playing “Subway Surfer” (this was way before the Candy Crush craze). Mr. Ramirez walked up to the kid, patted his head, gave him $3, said “thank you” then took away the phone. A witness tried to chase after him but he got away. The phone was located via GPS in the Bronx where it was sold for $50.

Mr. Ramirez was found a few days later at a men’s shelter in the East Village, where police confronted him and he admitted to taking the phone. A source told the Post that he needed the money for drugs and was arrested for grand larceny.

Hope this serves as a lesson to Aidan that there are bullies outside of daycare too.

Man Faces Three Years in Jail For Taking a 3-Year-Old’s iPhone