McGreevey won’t follow Spitzer, Sanford and Weiner back into the breach

With the entrees of once down-and-out politicians Eliot Spitzer, Mark Sanford and Anthony Weiner back into politics, the Washington Post yesterday took a look at other once prominent politicos that could be poised for a comeback.

Among the possibilities outlined by the Post was former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, who the paper gave a 20 percent chance of mounting a comeback, a la Spitzer who announced he’s running for New York City Comptroller, Sanford, who won a special election for a House seat in May, and Weiner, who is vying to be mayor of New York City.

“Since leaving politics and coming out, McGreevey has been active in ministry – particularly in prisons. That might otherwise seem like a logical way to regain one’s good name, which McGreevey has,” Aaron Blake wrote in The Fix column.

But McGreevey said this morning his chances are “20 points less than 20 percent” for a comeback.  The former governor, who re-entered the spotlight this year as the subject of a documentary chronicling his life after politics and his work ministering to women in prison, said there’s no chance he’ll seek political office again.

“Public service and advocacy and making government services work for the poor and underemployed and ex-offenders, that’s my passion,” he said in an interview. “But for me elected service is not the best place to be.”

“It’s alluring,” he added. “But it’s not a healthy allure.”

McGreevey said he enjoyed elected office at the local level and enjoyed interacting with families and neighborhoods.

“But on the state level, I sensed that I lost my sense of grounding,” he said.

Asked if he would consider a run for council or mayor again, a move that would surely trigger a media circus, McGreevey said simply “why?”

“It sounds old-fashioned, but you have to ask yourself ‘what is it that God wants me to do’ instead of ‘what is it that I want to do,’ ” he said, adding that he believes he is where he should be. 

McGreevey won’t follow Spitzer, Sanford and Weiner back into the breach