Morning Digest: July 12, 2013

Trades council backs Booker

Describing Newark Mayor Cory A. Booker as “a visionary who will fight for New Jersey’s disappearing middle class,” today Jim Kehoe, President of the Southern New Jersey Building and Construction Trades Council, announced the Council’s unanimous support for Booker’s U.S. Senate candidacy. PolitickerNJ



Is Rabner headed the way of Wallace?

The political and legal worlds are buzzing today over yesterday’s harshly worded statement from Gov. Chris Christie ripping the Supreme Court as liberal and the chief justice as “activist.” PolitickerNJ



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ELC opposes planned rule change regarding some repairs

TRENTON – A proposed rule change in the way repairs are made at some public schools has a group that advocates for students in urban districts calling the proposal “a disgrace.” State Street Wire



McDonnell’s stunning fall from grace

In 2010, the political world pegged Bob McDonnell as a president in the making. Last year, they put him on every VP list. As recently as May, they called the popular Virginia governor a political model for his would-be successors in Richmond, Democrat and Republican alike. Politico



Reid’s nuclear option on nominees

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s threat to change filibuster rules is supposed to narrowly focus on presidential nominees to the executive branch. Politico



Spitzer on ballot in comptroller’s race

NEW YORK — Eliot Spitzer, the disgraced ex-governor, cleared the first hurdle in his unexpected quest to become New York City comptroller by filing 27,000 signatures with the city Board of Elections to get on the ballot. Huffington Post



Obama to make case on immigration bill

President Barack Obama will step up his efforts to drive an immigration bill through the U.S. House by using a tool that has failed him on issues from gun control to budget cuts — the bully pulpit. Bloomberg


Rutgers to raise tuition

Rutgers University’s Board of Governors has approved a tuition increase for the upcoming school year. Townsquare News



Flounder season extended 8 days

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP – The New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council on Thursday compromised in a vote that will extend the summer flounder season by eight days this year. Atlantic City Press



SEC shrugged: Hedge funds allowed to advertise

The Securities and Exchange Commission voted yesterday to let hedge funds advertise to the general public, and hedge funders are cheering—none more so than Jonathan Hoenig. NY Observer



NOW urges women not to vote for Spitzer, Weiner

The National Organization for Women is urging voters to stay far, far away from this election’s two comeback candidates: disgraced former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who is running for comptroller, and former Congressman Anthony Weiner, a candidate for mayor. NY Observer



Computer system delays income tax refunds

Sharon Patula filed her New Jersey income tax return back in March, weeks ahead of the state’s deadline. But as mid-July approaches, she has yet to receive a refund. And the state hasn’t been able to tell her whether the return is lost or just sitting somewhere unprocessed. Record



Ridgewood criticized for accepting Christie fundraiser tickets

RIDGEWOOD – The Village Council is being criticized for accepting free tickets to a $1,000-a-head fundraiser for Governor Christie from a developer seeking to build in the village. Record



Wiretaps must be approved beforehand

The case began four years ago, when a 13-year-old Newark girl told detectives that her father had been sexually assaulting her since she was 11. Star-Ledger



Newark budget features significant tax cut

Newark homeowners are in for a shock when they get their third quarter tax bills. Star-Ledger



Camden clinic ‘drug emporium’ or legitimate practice?

In the heart of Camden’s Bergen Square section, a medical facility on Broadway was open for business Thursday morning as a steady stream of patients arrived. Inquirer



U.S.  presses Latin America to reject Snowden

CARACAS, Venezuela — The United States is conducting a diplomatic full-court press to try to block Edward J. Snowden, the fugitive American intelligence contractor, from finding refuge in Latin America, where three left-leaning governments that make defying Washington a hallmark of their foreign policies have publicly vowed to take him in. NY Times



Tempers flare over W. Deptford budget

What began as a public hearing on the proposed 2013 budget quickly became a debate over an amendment to the spending plan that would cut an additional $800,000 in line items while spending all but $720,000 of the township surplus. South Jersey Times



Mansfield reclaims antique fire truck after spotting it on Craigslist

MANSFIELD — It’s a story about an old treasure, a modern marketplace and timeless volunteer effort. Burlington County Times






Republicans trade elephant for brontosaurus

ACCORDING to Darwin, you can either be a dinosaur or the guy driving an SUV. Maybe Darwin didn’t put it in those words, but in the game of evolution there are winners and there are losers. Doblin, Record



Fishing for jobs and favors

New Jersey handed out a whopping $2.1 billion in tax subsidies over the past three years to lure new jobs to the state, or to keep them here. Star-Ledger







Morning Digest: July 12, 2013