Morning Media Mix

morning media mix
(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

As you know, the royal baby was born. Here’s Tina Brown on the Duchess of Cambridge: “#Kate can do no wrong! Now the royals can stop pretending they were fine with a girl 1st!” (Twitter)

“[Nate Silver] may be the only Times employee who gave the paper more than the paper ever gave to him,” writes Jack Shafer. (Reuters)

Geraldo Rivera explains the motivation behind that naked selfie he recently posted on Twitter and then promptly deleted. (Huffington Post)

Did Google Reader die because Larry Page lost interest? (Buzzfeed)

The median age of Fox News’s audience is 65 years and older, among the oldest in television, writes Bill Carter. (New York Times)

End the White House press briefing! (New Republic)

To celebrate the royal birth, we’ll bookend this post with more baby news: Front pages around the world announce the great news. (Poynter) Morning Media Mix