Morning Read: ‘She’s Either Very Forgiving or Terrible at Math’

Today's Post. (Photo: Newseum)

Today’s Post. (Photo: Newseum)

Headline of the Day: “It’s Weiner’s World And Other Candidates Just Live In It.”

Alternative: “The Moment We Learned Way Too Much About Anthony Weiner’s Sex Habits.”

The conversation of the mayoral race has officially shifted from Congressman Anthony Weiner‘s relapse into sexting habits to the wife, Huma Abedin, who would tolerate it. The New York Post certainly went there rather bluntly, with a columnist declaring, “Clearly, there is something very wrong with Abedin — whether it’s simply that she shares her husband’s vaulting ambition or that she has a pathological need to be publicly humiliated, something’s up.”

The New York Times was more gentle but still cutting; the paper interviewed women baffled by Ms. Abedin’s behavior and accusing her of promoting Mr. Weiner’s run out of self-interest. “I have no way of knowing whether Huma, for whom I have great respect, is responding out of new motherhood, the Stockholm syndrome or a mystery,” feminist activist Gloria Steinem added on.

While the Wall Street Journal reported that Ms. Abedin seriously considered leaving Mr. Weiner but ended up giving him a yet another chance. Weiner spokeswoman Barbara Morgan further confirmed, in the words of the Journal, that he “engaged in multiple online conversations with multiple women after he resigned from Congress.”

For her part, Ms. Abedin isn’t exactly hiding, either. She penned a personal essay for Harper’s Bazaar‘s August issue, some of which can be read here. “People have said many things about my husband—some nice, some not so nice,” she writes. “Launching this campaign was not an easy decision for our family to make. Putting yourself out there comes with a cost.”

“She feels badly for the young people who volunteered for Anthony,” an Abedin friend told the Daily News yesterday. “I don‘t think you‘re going to see her out there every day. She‘s probably going to take it kind of easy [on the campaign trail].” The friend added, “She’s not fine and she’s not in good spirits.”

The News also dove into the background of Mr. Weiner’s sexting partner, Sydney Leathers, “a heavily tattooed, high school dropout hell-bent on becoming famous.” Her mom told the publication, “I have nothing to say except God help New York if he gets to be mayor. You can print that.”

And The Colbert Report also skewered Mr. Weiner for his claim that Ms. Abedin is giving him a “second chance.” Host Stephen Colbert quipped, “He’s also blessed that she’s still counting this as the second chance. She’s either very forgiving or terrible at math.” Watch both of his segments below:

Morning Read: ‘She’s Either Very Forgiving or Terrible at Math’