Morning Read: ‘A Highly Respected Member of the City Council’

What's the New York Post trying to say this morning? (Photo: Newseum)

(Photo: Newseum)

Headline of the Day: “Derek Jeter’s signature shows up on Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo’s petitions.”

After more than a week of largely beating the tabloid headlines, ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer‘s former prostitute landed on the New York Post‘s cover this morning: “Yes, Client 9 clearly paid out of his own pocket for his dalliances with the ladies of the Emperor’s Club prostitution ring. But he may have used state resources to facilitate his activities — something voters should take into account as he attempts a political comeback.”

Mr. Spitzer also had a rough day on television yesterday, as CNN’s Jake Tapper grilled him repeatedly on the scandal. “They looked at the evidence, and they dealt with me the way they dealt with everyone else in my situation,” Mr. Spitzer responded when pressed on why he wasn’t arrested for breaking the law.

The man driving this electoral cycle’s second sex scandal clown car, former Congressman Anthony Weiner, fared better today, however. He even recently scored the endorsement of one-time congressional candidate Clyde Williams while marveling at gentrification in Harlem. “Harlem became hot,” Mr. Weiner explained to the crowd.

And, never one to let corruption charges slow him down, Councilman Dan Halloran has launched a new law practice. The firm’s website describes Mr. Halloran as “a highly respected member of the City Council, one who can deliver funds and services to the district by working to build positive relationships.”

State Senator Jeff Klein sounds confident about Sunday’s epic whitewater rafting competition, which includes both Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “Jews are naturally strong rowers,” Mr. Klein said. “We used to do it full-time for the Roman Empire—haven’t you ever seen ‘Ben-Hur’?”

cats sig3Presented without comment: “‘John Catsimatidis’s signature is basically illegible which indicates a sense of arrogance and speed of thinking,’ said Bart Baggett, a handwriting expert based in Los Angeles. ‘It is one big jigsaw, which indicates a fast hyper-analytical, in fact, probably social, friendly, outgoing and laser-sharp thinking processes.'”

And here’s video of another mayoral hopeful, Joe Lhota, talking about Skittles and other things, courtesy of Shimon Gifter:

Morning Read: ‘A Highly Respected Member of the City Council’