Morning Read: ‘Attacks Against Progressive Democrats Who Get Results’

It continues.

Headline of the Day: “Bill Thompson Criticized For Opposing Stop And Frisk Too Much, Or Not Enough.”

Runner-Up: “Maybe Huma Could Use a Vacation.”

Anthony Weiner‘s embattled mayoral campaign soldiers on: “At an event Tuesday evening in Times Square with advocates for New Yorkers with disabilities, the 48-year-old seemed tired, slight and young as he was thronged by the fierce Hydra-headed press beast. He looked as if he were running on raw will. He apologized for being late, saying something about the ‘time-space continuum.'”

Assemblyman Eric Stevenson demonstrated the strength of New York State’s current campaign finance laws. Mr. Stevenson, indicted on corruption charges that include exchanging legislation for cash, is asking lobbyists and others to contribute to his legal defense fund. The event is a “summer night jazz mix.”

The comptroller’s race is taking a sharply negative turn. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has a new web ad out that bashes ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer for his “colossal failures.” One scene even features his resignation after the infamous prostitution scandal. In other news, Rev. Floyd Flake has retracted his Stringer endorsement for Mr. Spitzer.

Meanwhile, the public advocate’s contest has also gotten rough as State Senator Daniel Squadron and Reshma Saujani trade verbal missiles. “Ms. Saujani has a long history of misleading and mean-spirited personal attacks against progressive Democrats who get results,” a Squadron spokesperson argued in the latest back-and-forth.

Metro New York spoke to the various long-shots in the mayoral election for their take on the race. “They’ll fight each other like cats and dogs and I’m sitting on the sidelines eating popcorn,” Jimmy McMillan, the founder of The Rent Is Too Damn High Party, said, for instance. He further said he’s running “because, the rent is still too damn high.”

And John Catsimatidis has already started looking past the Republican primary and is now directly bashing City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in his campaign commercials:
[youtube=] Morning Read: ‘Attacks Against Progressive Democrats Who Get Results’