Morning Read: ‘Cheap Pot Shots’

"The Guide To City Pork 2013. (Photo: Gotham Gazette/Google Maps)

“The Guide To City Pork 2013.” (Photo: Gotham Gazette/Google Maps)

Headline of the Day: “Weiner Intern Comes Up With Perfect Campaign Slogan.”

Second Place: “A Split in Allegiances Among Roosevelt Scions.”

The Economist wondered why Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, a “policy wonk,” isn’t doing better than former Congressman Anthony Weiner: “Maybe the city has a taste for some drama and unpredictability after Mr Bloomberg’s technocratic drive to rid the boroughs of tobacco smoke, oversized sodas, transfats and fossil fuels. Maybe they prefer the idea of an irascible guy who answers to no one…”

“I have not noticed once. Not at all,” Council Speaker Christine Quinn sarcastically replied this morning when asked about Mr. de Blasio’s regular attacks against her. “I’m really proud of the record I have, … and when you don’t have one, you resort to cheap pot shots,” she added during the AM 1600 WWRL interview. “Talk is cheap, you know that. It’s easy to criticize; it’s hard to get things done and to move things forward.”

Tech entrepreneur Jack Hidary is moving forward with his independent bid for mayor, and it seems that he’s mostly focused on distinguishing himself from the Democratic contenders. He described his agenda as “socially progressive, fiscally sound and digitally savvy” to NY1’s Road to City Hall and vowed to maintain Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s education and economic agendas. With the exception of “digitally savvy,” these traits are similar to the Republican field.

GOP state senators are alleging that Democrats intentionally delayed the legislative session so that an abortion rights bill would be surprisingly voted on after socially conservative State Senator Simcha Felder headed home for Shabbos Friday evening. “Obviously, the Democrats in the Senate wanted to pass this amendment,” GOP spokesman Mark Hansen said, “and they were slowing down the session on a Friday afternoon.”

A federal court may have thrown out Mr. Bloomberg’s lawsuit against the city’s living wage law, but an administration source claims they “may choose to file all the same federal and state claims in state court, and this decision would not control the outcome of that case.” Law department spokeswoman Kate Ahlers added, “We look forward to having this case heard on the merits after nearly a year of delaying.”

 And Bengali-language ballots will be available in certain Queens neighborhoods, although concerns remain about whether the Board of Elections will provide them. This could be a small boost to Comptroller John Liu, who has some Bengali support–he was recently mentioned on Bengali global television, for instance, which noted his opposition to the NYPD’s Muslim surveillance and his Alliance of South Asian American Labor endorsement:

Morning Read: ‘Cheap Pot Shots’