Morning Read: ‘I Wish I Could Wear Sandals’

Today's New York Post. (Photo: Newseum)

(Photo: Newseum)

Headline of the Day: “We interrupt this baseball game to bring you a message about Christine Quinn.”

On the front page of today’s New York Post: “If you’ve dated Anthony Weiner, Joe Lhota wants to hear from you. The GOP mayoral hopeful wants the serial sexter’s former love interests to share tawdry tales to dissuade women from voting for him.” The story itself lists examples of women feeling demeaned and offended by Mr. Weiner’s various activities.

As they threatened to do a month ago, parent coordinators and their union have launched a broadside against Mr. Weiner’s mayoral campaign, bringing up his 2-year-old sexting scandal even more directly than the Post. Local 372 President Santos Crespo Jr. said beyond their website, it will be “full-court press. It’s going to be press conferences. It’s going to be rallies. It’s going to be door-to-door.”

The New York Times looked into how Gracie Mansion hopefuls are handling the sweat and heat of summer. Mr. Lhota and former Councilman Sal Albanese, for instance, keep another 3 or so spare shirts nearby. While Public Advocate Bill de Blasio copes in other ways: “‘I wish I could wear sandals,’ Mr. de Blasio said, a touch ruefully. ‘I love to wear sandals on my off-hours. I don’t think it’s exactly mayoral, so I do without.'”

Later today, former New York City schools chancellor Joel Klein is set to kvetch about the Democratic mayoral candidates and their education policies. “It saddens me to see, as we approach the end of the Bloomberg administration, a complete lack of courage among most of the candidates running to replace him,” Mr. Klein’s prepared remarks read for his Washington D.C. speech.

Responding to an Errol Louis column claiming that black voters will eventually side with former Comptroller Bill Thompson, Room Eight blogger Rock Hackshaw recently made a case for Comptroller John Liu‘s ability to upset that narrative. With the support of outspoken Councilman Charles Barron, Mr. Hackshaw says, Mr. Liu “could pull some surprise votes that many political number-crunchers would never tally”

Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association has a peculiar strategy in getting council members to flip their racial profiling bill vote. Today they’re targeting Councilwoman Jessica Lappin and Councilman Dan Garodnick, both of whom are angling for higher office–Manhattan borough president and Council speaker respectively–and would seem to benefit by an attack highlighting their progressive policy stances. The Epoch Times analyzed the problem further. Morning Read: ‘I Wish I Could Wear Sandals’