Morning Read: ‘Stop, Question and Frisk Their Thinking’

Eliot Spitzer on the New York Post but not for his 2008 scandal. (Photo: Newseum)

(Photo: Newseum)

Headline of the Day: “New Yorkers Prefer Disgraced Hooker Patron to Guy They’ve Never Heard Of.”

Alternative: “Reflections of a Spitzer Survivor.”

On the fourth day of his comptroller campaign’s roll-out, former Gov. Eliot Spitzer‘s scandal is thoroughly off the front pages of the tabloids. The New York Post caught him not voting in 2012 and two off-year elections, but yesterday’s NOW protest didn’t get a significant amount of ink overall. Post columnist Andrea Peyser is still taking swings, however.

While over in the Daily News, NY1 host Errol Louis wrote a fairly glowing op-ed praising Mr. Spitzer’s record of fighting for the little guy: “He is relying on a different kind of voter — the clerks and security guards, deliverymen and laborers, small investors and retirees who benefited most from his time in public office.”

The New York Times fact-checked the claims made by Libertarian Party comptroller candidate Kristin Davis, who says she’s Mr. Spitzer’s former madam, and finds no proof that this was the case. Even her lawyer says, “I haven’t seen any evidence linking Spitzer to Kristin’s prostitution activities, besides what Kristin has said.”

Post editorial board member Rob George penned a piece promoting another comptroller contender: Republican John Burnett. “My goal is to get people on that side of the aisle to stop, question and frisk their thinking. I want them to stop politically profiling me for my beliefs and judge me for who I am and what I can do,” Mr. Burnett explains within.

The Times story on Public Advocate Bill de Blasio‘s arrest yesterday–originally entitled, “3 Rivals Join a Protest, but Just One Wants to Be Arrested, and Is”–reports that “[p]lans for the protest – and for Mr. de Blasio and others to commit civil disobedience and invite arrest – had been leaked the night before to reporters, who were sworn to silence.”

And, in his pitch to Jewish voters at a Brooklyn fund-raiser Tuesday night, former Congressman Anthony Weiner admitted, “If you left me in your business for a few weeks I’d probably drive it in to the ground.” Watch the whole thing below:

Morning Read: ‘Stop, Question and Frisk Their Thinking’