Morning Read: ‘Trust Fund Dan’

(Photo: Newseum)

(Photo: Newseum)

Headline of the Day: “All It Takes to Get an Ambulance in NYC Is a Personal Call From Christine Quinn to Ray Kelly.”

It’s a good press day for Council Speaker Christine Quinn so far. The mayoral candidate graced both tabloid covers with images of her caring for a fallen intern, with largely positive, full-page coverage inside as well. Still, as the Daily News notes, “There’s something very wrong when you need political juice … in order to get an ambulance to the scene of a medical emergency in, oh, less than half an hour.”

Not willing to let a crisis go to waste, GOP City Council hopeful David Storobin said the incident made the case for conservatism. “Anyone whose eyes aren’t completely shut by ideology can see what an omen this is for government-run health care,” he said. “I’ve seen what the future will look like if the government expands, while free enterprise is regulated and fined until it’s destroyed. That future is bleak. But there’s another way – the American Way, the way of the Founding Fathers.”

“I’m very pleased with the support of the community,” former Assemblyman Vito Lopez said of his scandal-scarred City Council candidacy yesterday. And, although allies of rival candidate Antonio Reynoso have been trying to brand Mr. Lopez as the race’s front-runnner, Mr. Lopez argued that, “based on the endorsements and the amount of money that [Reynoso] has raised, he’s probably considered the slight favorite.”

The race for public advocate is getting more heated. Both Reshma Saujani and Councilwoman Tish James, through aides, blasted State Senator Daniel Squadron‘s fund-raising memo yesterday. “I’m not surprised that Trust Fund Dan thinks he can buy an election,” a Saujani spokesman said, for example, accusing Mr. Squadron “playing bartender with a bar his family fortune helped fund.”

While ahe DCCC made a creative pivot while slamming Congressman Michael Grimm for making an error on this week’s campaign finance filings. “Michael Grimm is so out-of-touch that he doesn’t even know who he represents in Congress,” a spokeswoman said. “While he’s busy trying to stay out of jail for shady fundraising and cozying up to the Tea Party…”

President Barack Obama seems more than willing to consider Police Commissioner Ray Kelly for the newly-available Homeland Security Department slot. “Mr. Kelly might be very happy where he is, but if he’s not I’d want to know about it, because obviously he’d be very well qualified for the job,” Mr. Obama quipped yesterday. Not everyone is excited at the idea.

And Republican City Council candidate Andy Sullivan, vying for Councilman Domenic Recchia‘s seat, opined on some national issues in an email to reporters this morning:

The true purpose has revealed itself regarding the aftermath in the Trayvon Martion trial. Politically it is beneficial to the left of this nation in 3 very important ways. Number 1) It once again brings Gun Control to the forefront of this White House’s agenda. Number 2) It solidifies the Black and minority voting block in favor of the DNC. 3) An additional benefit to this unwarranted Media assault is that it is pushing off the front pages the endless and absolute cornucopia of White House scandals.

Media has become the PR ARM of this White House and I could not think of anything more dangerous to our Freedoms and Liberties. As the President seemingly controls what the media focuses on we are left in the dark about what is transpiring regarding the status of our nation both locally and nationally. There was a time when the Mainstream Media was truly the Watchdog of ALL elected officials but today we are looking more like a Soviet-style state controlled press. I saw the Red Flags of this during the GM Bailout. When Obama personally threatened the shareholders of GM with the unleashing of the White House Press Corp. on them I thought it was a joke perhaps some wacky Internet rumor. Not so. As we now know this was fact! And even more intimidating…it worked.

Again referencing the GM Bailout : This President preaches he is the Champion of the Middle Class. The fact is he decimated tens of thousands of Middle Class positions during that GM Bailout. The hundreds of dealerships that were shutdown during the bailout were almost completely ignored by media. Another group that was victimized were the employees of the Delphi Corp. These were all entry level jobs ( Non- Union). At first it was their Healthcare taken, then their pensions and finally their jobs. Where was our ” Watchdogs” during this fleecing? Is this the behavior of the ” Champion of the Middle Class”? Even the Unions who supported this President now realize how destructive Obamacare is and how it will end up hurting the quality of their Healthcare.

Thank God for Grassroot Media entities. If not for them we would be completely at the MSM’s mercy. Carry on you Free Speechers and Bloggers !!! We need you to stay vigilant !

Andy Sullivan 911 Hard Hats and candidate for City Council 2013

Morning Read: ‘Trust Fund Dan’