National Republicans Compare Domenic Recchia to Emperor Palpatine and Lex Luthor

Emperor Palpatine and Councilman Domenic Recchia. (Photo Composite: Getty)

Emperor Palpatine and Domenic Recchia. (Photo Composite: Getty)

Is he the chair of the City Council’s finance committee or a Sith Lord?

According to the campaign arm of House Republicans, it might be hard to tell with Domenic Recchia.

In a new attack, the National Republican Congressional Committee is accusing Mr. Recchia, a Democratic councilman hoping to unseat incumbent Congressman Michael Grimm next year, of being in the same ballpark as The Godfather‘s Michael Corleone, Superman‘s Lex Luthor and Star Wars‘s Emperor Palpatine.

The NRRC’s beef with Mr. Recchia is his decision to dole out several million dollars of council money to the Staten Island part of Mr. Grimm’s congressional district, allegedly to curry favor for votes far outside of the Brooklyn section, which Mr. Recchia represents. The group also blasted Mr. Recchia for providing financial support to the housing nonprofit that provided a political base to disgraced former Assemblyman Vito Lopez.

“Well, while hardworking taxpayers may not like what he is doing, check out our latest blog post for a few folks who would definitely appreciate how Domenic Recchia operates,” Ian Prior, an NRCC press secretary, wrote to reporters earlier this afternoon, linking to a blog post entitled, “7 Movie villains who would appreciate how Domenic Recchia operates.”

The post then lists seven villains, including Batman Returns‘ Max Shreck, It’s a Wonderful Life‘s Mr. Potter, Back to the Future‘s “Alternate 1985 Biff Tannen” and The Dead Zone’s Greg Stillson.

For his part, Mr. Recchia previously defended the Staten Island appropriations as needed money to help pay for rebuilding in Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath. “It’s Sandy and I’m also the finance chairman so everybody comes to see me,” he told the New York Post.

His congressional campaign declined to comment on the attack.

Update (7: 29 p.m.): Added the Recchia campaign reaction, or lack thereof. 

National Republicans Compare Domenic Recchia to Emperor Palpatine and Lex Luthor