New York’s Weirdest Ice Creams

We all scream for … Caramel Chorizo Ice Cream?



Sundaes and Cones

95 East 10th Street

Need a kick in the tastebuds? Go over to the East Village hotspot that’s known for its cool treats. Sundaes and Cones claim they’re “Committed to providing our customers with an experience of something new.” The wasabi isn’t as overpowering as you might expect, but, if it seems too new, you might prefer their ginger flavor.

Chorizo Caramel

Odd Fellows
Ice Cream Co.

175 Kent Avenue

Bacon ice cream is over. Try the chorizo caramel at this newly opened shop. The ice cream itself is caramel flavored, with chunks of chorizo flavoring throughout. If you’re still craving more meat, you can get it with bacon-infused whipped cream.


Pea-nut Soft Serve

Momofuku Milk Bar

251 East 13th Street in East Village 

If you’re someone who thinks that soft serve is a food that requires chocolate sauce or sprinkles to make it interesting, the pea-nut soft serve at Momofuku Milk Bar will convert you. This treat is pea—yes, like the green vegetable—and almond flavored. It tastes exactly like peas. Then again, it tastes exactly like almonds. Either way, it tastes fantastic. No sprinkles or sauce required.

A Bee Named Elvis


95 Allen Street

Owner Sarah Krathen claims, “You could say weird is our thing.”  A Bee Called Elvis—inspired by Elvis Presley’s favorite sandwich— is made of banana, honey and graham cracker gelato, and certainly fits the bill. It also pairs perfectly with many of Stellina’s other assorted flavors (especially the dark chocolate sorbet).



The Chinatown
Ice Cream Factory

65 Bayard Street

Founder Philip Seid aims to “coalesce America’s most popular dessert with an exotic Chinese twist” with flavors like Zen butter, red bean, and our favorite, pandan. The flavor, which is often used in rice dishes, has a nutty flavor that we think you’ll go nuts for.

Photos by Amanda Cohen and check out a slideshow of some of the other flavors!

New York’s Weirdest Ice Creams