Oliver ‘deeply disturbed’ by free lunch abuse findings

TRENTON – Speaker Sheila Oliver lauded the school lunch program and derided its abusers Wednesday after the Comptroller issued a report that found widespread abuse.

“This program is among the best anti-poverty efforts the nation has put forth and is vital to young children who desperately need proper nutrition to learn and thrive. To see it subject to such abuse is infuriating,” Oliver said in a release.

“I am deeply disturbed by the findings, and fully expect the Department of Agriculture and school districts to implement the reform recommendations to ensure this program is used only by those who truly need it. I also expect those guilty of fraud to be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

“I want this program protected for those who need it – our children fighting each and every day to succeed.”

The Comptroller turned over for possible criminal prosecution names of more than 100 people who allegedly lied about their income limits.

Oliver ‘deeply disturbed’ by free lunch abuse findings