Pete King Is Thinking About Running for President!

Pete King. (Photo: Getty)

Pete King. (Photo: Getty) (Photo: Bruce Bennett for Getty Images)

In the five days since Pete King confirmed his interest in a possible presidential campaign, the Long Island congressman has sent at least four emails to supporters touting the self-propelled speculation.

“Rep. Pete King Could Be Very Formidable Presidential Candidate vs. Hillary Clinton,” read one subject line. Another declared, “Rep. Pete King Potential 2016 Presidential Bid Garnering Lots of Attention.”

Newsday, who has never been a friend of mine, uses their editorial page to discuss my potential 2016 presidential run,” Mr. King wrote in his latest missive this morning. He then directed supporters to a post that argued the pol’s main interest in the presidential race appears to be promoting more hawkish stances on foreign policy and homeland security within the Republican Party.

Mr. King certainly doesn’t shy away from this perception.

“Currently, the main potential candidates, such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, are isolationists who barely mention the threat of Islamic terrorism. I don’t want isolationism to be emblematic of the national Republican Party,” Mr. King wrote in his “Garnering Lots of Attention” message. “I believe the Republicans have managed to cut themselves off from what used to be the old Reagan coalition.”

He added, “I’m willing to be out there as a spokesman and see where this goes.”

The “Hillary Clinton” email can be viewed below:

Dear Colin,

Newsmax, who originally floated my name as a 2016 presidential candidate, recently spoke to debate expert and pollster Matt Towery about my chances in the Republican presidential primaries as well as against likely Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

On the possibility of defeating U.S. Senator Marco Rubio in a primary in his hometown state of Florida:

“At this point in time, I would handicap that at 50-50 at best. Rubio has enough trouble in his own state, and I think he would actually beat Rubio in a race in Florida.”

Towery adds that I might be a surprise candidate against former Secretary of State Clinton:

“He would have a better shot than some of the other conservative candidates, because he would appeal to more moderate voters. He certainly could appeal to some female voters. That’s a distinct possibility.

“He could be a very formidable candidate against Hillary Clinton or any other Democratic candidate.”

Towery closed with this:

“It’s his style that could end up making him more popular than less. He is a very blunt individual. He tells things like he sees them. He doesn’t hold his tongue…It might just be what the doctor ordered.”

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Pete King

Pete King Is Thinking About Running for President!