Plagiarize Famous Sculptures With Google Glass

We call dibs on David.

Mr. Blatt's mini-Marcus. (Photo:

Mr. Blatt’s mini-Marcus. (Photo:

Are you loving that sick marble bust at the Met, but lacking the dough to purchase something similar? Don’t worry, you can create your very own replica using Google Glass.

A “maker” (read: guy with Glass) named Todd Blatt has done just that, TechCrunch reports. He reproduced a bust of Marcus Aurelius at Baltimore’s Walters Art Museum, simply by doing a lap around the sculpture and stopping 30 times to mumble, “Ok, Glass, take a picture,” which probably wasn’t embarrassing at all.

He then created a downloadable 3D model, printed it out, and beheld his tiny replica of the late Roman Emperor, which would be perfect as a pencil-topper or maybe a thimble. He’s made the print available on his blog, so those with 3D printers at their disposal can make an Ancient Roman-themed tiddlywinks set, or a sick diorama for their kids’ history class.

Plagiarize Famous Sculptures With Google Glass