Pro-Business PAC Rolls Out Latest Round of Endorsements

The Real Estate Board of New York, a founder of Jobs for New York. (Photo:

The Real Estate Board of New York, one of the leading founders of the PAC. (Photo:

Jobs for New York, a political action committee dedicated to electing pro-development City Council candidates, rolled out a new round of endorsements today.

The PAC, founded as a partial counterweight to the left-leaning Working Families Party, has raised at least $5 million and has said it intends to spend up to $10 million on independent expenditures in support of its chosen candidates.

The PAC’s latest round of endorsements is a mix of more moderate Democrats and several pro-labor candidates also backed by the WFP, including Rory Lancman and Mark Levine. However, other endorsees, including Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez, Ari Kagan, Paul Vallone, Mark Treyger and Manny Caughman, are up against WFP-backed candidates.

“These candidates are committed to job creation and keeping the city affordable – two concerns shared by most New Yorkers,” Pat Purcell, assistant to the president at the United Food and Commercial Workers union, said in a statement. “They also understand that encouraging a healthy business climate will foster opportunities for people seeking to join the middle class.

In addition to the UFCW, the PAC is composed of the Real Estate Board of New York, Mason Tenders District Council and the District Council of Carpenters.

The list of the endorsements can be viewed below:


District 35 Laurie Cumbo
District 36 Kirsten Foy
District 38 Sara Gonzalez
District 46 Alan Maisel
District 47 Mark Treyger
District 48 Ari Kagan


District 7 Mark Levine


District 15 Ritchie Torres


District 19 Paul Vallone
District 24 Rory Lancman
District 27 Manny Caughman

Pro-Business PAC Rolls Out Latest Round of Endorsements