Scott Stringer Comes Out Swinging Against Eliot Spitzer

Scott Stringer, undeterred. (Photo: Getty)

Scott Stringer, undeterred. (Photo: Getty)

He doesn’t plan on being steamrollered.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, who up until tonight was unopposed in the Democratic primary and the overwhelming front-runner for city comptroller, appears ready to greet his new opponent, former Governor Eliot Spitzer, head on.

“Scott Stringer has a proven record of results and integrity and entered this race to help New York’s middle class regain its footing,” Mr. Stringer’s campaign manager Sascha Owen said in a statement reacting to tonight’s news. “By contrast, Eliot Spitzer is going to spurn the campaign finance program to try and buy personal redemption with his family fortune. The voters will decide.”

Mr. Stringer’s statement references Mr. Spitzer’s personal wealth, an issue that has dogged him in his past campaigns for higher office.

His campaign’s Twitter feed, firing off posts left and right, was more direct tonight, highlighting statements of support and quoting a BuzzFeed article claiming Mr. Spitzer has a “screw loose.”

Whether the campaign gets more aggressive than this–alluding to, perhaps, the prostitution scandal that led to Mr. Spitzer’s infamous resignation in 2008, time will tell. Scott Stringer Comes Out Swinging Against Eliot Spitzer