Some People Would Pay Facebook $10 a Month to Get Rid of Annoying Ads

You could buy three iced coffees instead.

A tacky Facebook ad. (Photo: Twitter/@jorcohen)

A tacky Facebook ad. (Photo: Twitter)

How much would you pay for an ad-free version of Facebook? The answer is probably nothing because we already give so much to the social networking website and receive so little in return. But there are some people out there who would pay up to $10 a month to strip the ads out of their News Feed.

The revelations came from a poll conducted by a digital marketing agency who surveyed 500 people from around the world. The firm was gauging interest in users of what their limit would be in a monthly fee for an ad-free Facebook. Only 15 percent of respondents said they would pay money to get rid of adverts, and of that, eight percent said they’d shell out between $5 to $10 a month.

So-called customer apathy against the usually tacky ads that line people’s News Feeds is very real. Nearly 70 percent of respondents said they “never” or “rarely” clicked on the ads. “Facebook may need to pace itself a little less aggressively when it comes to cashing in on its advertising sweet spot,” it noted.

However, Facebook’s revenue is up 53 percent year over year and shares are up 25 percent in morning trading, perhaps that sweet spot doesn’t need much massaging.

Some People Would Pay Facebook $10 a Month to Get Rid of Annoying Ads