Startup Rundown: Lyst Makes Your Online Shopping Addiction Even Worse, and ShaveMOB is Occupying Leg Hair

Use Lyst's new Universal Shopping Cart to buy sexy items like this form-flattering Alexander Wang get-up

Use Lyst’s new Universal Shopping Cart to buy sexy items like this form-flattering get-up

Lyst lets you load up If you’re a compulsive online shopper (NO we are not browsing cute sundresses as we write this), then Lyst’s new creation might be your new best friend. Today the online fashion hub introduced its Universal Shopping Cart, a device that lets you buy products from multiple retailers—like Alexander Wang, Theory and Helmut Lang—in one, easy transaction. This sounds like an opportunity for maximum stylishness and maximum brokenness all in one.

ShaveMOB shapes up Speaking of cute summer dresses, they’re great and all, but they also mean taking a razor to the forest floor that’s been happily growing on your lower legs since last fall. But why pay for expensive razors when you could join ShaveMOB, the new online shaving club that sends you monthly shipments of sweet, discounted razors? “Our customers are fed up paying the ‘man’ for a close shave, and know they can get a high-quality shave from ShaveMOB for a lot less,” said cofounder and CEO Zachary Randall, whose passion for goatee equality is presumably unrivaled.

Skillbridge gets stacked It all started a few years ago, when two qualified Wharton business students couldn’t find freelance work. Now those students, Brett Lewis and Raj Jeyakumar, have launched Skillbridge: an online talent marketplace that matches skilled business experts with companies looking for help. It’s the same idea as Copyrighter Central—but for freelance businesspeople, instead of writers. Last week, Skillbridge announced it’d earned $20,000 from First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund. Sounds like jobless business students might become a little less jobless.

Fire the lasers! We know what you’re thinking: you have a great start-up idea, but it’s just not possible to execute because you don’t know how to use a laser. Well, this Saturday, you’ll fret no more! Brooklyn’s NYCResistor is hosting a class called “Fire the Lazzzzor! Learn to rapid prototype using the 35 Watt Epilog Laser,” where you’ll apparently “learn everything you need to know to make the ideas in your head become a reality with a laser,” according to the event page. Next stop: sharks with laser beams attached to their foreheads, obviously.

Usablenet and Xtify team up So your startup has a cool mobile app, but you want to take your brand’s mobile experience to a never-before-seen level, right? Lucky for you, last week mobile and multichannel technology platform Usablenet announced a partnership with the mobile engagement experts at Xtify, meaning you can now “connect with mobile web users in a more targeted, personalized manner by enabling the technology characteristic of native applications through the mobile web,” according to a statement. (In other words, you can finally bombard your users with push notifications). According to a spokesperson, this has “never before been seen on the mobile web,” so we guess you should get excited.

Subblime sets up shop If you’re a crazed YouTube fanatic, you might have heard of Subblime: an online community that allows YouTube stars to share their favorite thoughts and things with their fans. Last week, the site introduced Subblime Showroom, a new virtual marketplace where brands can offer exclusive deals to influential video creators on Subblime. We like to think this means Mark Brown, the dancing, raccoon-owning, self-proclaimed hillbilly, will get hooked up with some hot new jorts.

Glide’s a-growin’ Proving that there’s no limit to the public’s appetite for video-sharing apps, Glide has just announced it’s reached 3.5 million downloads, with users sharing over 12 million seconds of video every day, says TechCrunch. Glide launched last April at Disrupt NY, and is currently available on iOS and Android.

Take a bite of ABSOLUT Lunch Break Yeah, it’s totally great that you made a gluten-free acai berry quinoa cake or whatever, but ABSOLUT’s new plans for lunch time are arguably way cooler. This week, the vodka brand launched ABSOLUT Lunch Break: a weekly event where you can show up, sample a cocktail, dance your face off to Questlove-approved beats, and an hour later, go home with a tasty bagged lunch. And don’t worry if you’re not from New York—ABSOLUT Lunch Breaks are also going down in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston. You have ABSOLUTELY no reason not to be there.

Startup Rundown: Lyst Makes Your Online Shopping Addiction Even Worse, and ShaveMOB is Occupying Leg Hair