Startup Rundown: TouchCast Makes Your Videos A Lot Less Lame, and iHeartRadio Wins Windows’s Heart

TouchCast CEO Erick Schonfeld shows how a live Twitter feed can be integrated into a video.

TouchCast cofounder Erick Schonfeld shows how a live Twitter feed can be integrated into a video.

TouchCast touches down Check out the iTunes store for the coolest new video technology: TouchCast, the app that lets you infuse video with interactive digital elements. “[It’s] a new medium that looks like TV, but feels like the web,” says TouchCast cofounder Erick Schonfeld in an online demonstration. We have to admit, it looks pretty sweet when Mr. Schonfeld drags a live Twitter feed or an interactive Google map across his video screen, or plays a YouTube video over his own talking face. We’re certain that video podcasts are about to get a lot more interesting.

iHeartRadio loves Windows Phone 8 iHeartRadio—the Pandora alternative that lets you customize your own radio stations—is finally moving to the Windows Phone 8. If you’re a Windows Phone user, you can now access over 1500 radio stations from across the country (or create your own), and easily share your musical discoveries with friends and followers on social media. We’d admittedly try it out for the sole purpose of creating a playlist inspired by Selena Gomez’s “Come And Get It.”

NYC Digital is paving the way This summer, help carve out New York’s Digital Roadmap by attending a series of meetups hosted by NYC Digital. Staged in Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx, and Queens, the sessions pretty much invite you to share your plans to make NYC the center of global digital domination—we imagine they’ll run along the lines of a mad scientist convention. Your ideas could go towards shaping the next annual New York City’s Digital Roadmap, which outlines the city’s progress in areas like Internet access, STEM education, and tech development. Click here to check out the dates, times, and locations of sessions.

MassiveImpact gets a new teammember MassiveImpact, the world’s largest performance mobile advertising platform, has recently appointed Eyal Zohar to Vice President of Product Management. “As the VP of Product Management, he will enable the company to advance our leadership in pure performance mobile advertising and ensure that our customers will continue to profitably promote their products on mobile devices,” said MassiveImpact CEO and cofounder Sephi Shapira, in a statement. May the Facebook shares be ever in your favor, Mr. Zohar.

Musicmetric picks up the tempo Good news for fans of Musicmetric, the program that charts the online trending of musical artists and newly released albums: Musicmetric’s parent company, Semetric Ltd., announced yesterday that it has invested $5 million from VC funding into U.S. expansion, as well as into adding some sweet new features to the Musicmetric Pro service. “Having the ability to collect data that measures performance is vital in today’s culture of immediacy,” said Gregory Mead, Semetric CEO and President, in a statement. “The expansion of Musicmetric Pro to include iTunes and Spotify data, along with the valuable insights we already collect from Bit Torrent networks and socials, makes our service the most comprehensive measurement tool available for the music industry.” goes (even more) global announced yesterday that its international service—which pairs employers with freelance workers—has reached 8 million users in 234 dialect-specific regions. The same day, also added ten new languages to its repertoire—bringing the total to 30—allowing the site to accommodate an even broader range of users in the future. It’s never been so easy to find someone to design the website for your farm in rural Mongolia!

Show me the Bitcoin Media showcase company Startup Debut (owned by the fun-loving Bit Angels cofounder Michael Terpin) recently announced it will hold the world’s first media showcase events for bitcoin and digital currency companies. The events are set to take place at Las Vegas’s 2014 Consumer Electronics Show® in Jaunary, and at Austin’s 2014 South by Southwest® festival in March. The jury’s still out on whether you can pay the entry fee in bitcoin.

Startup Rundown: TouchCast Makes Your Videos A Lot Less Lame, and iHeartRadio Wins Windows’s Heart