Sweeney joins Currie in denouncing Stack’s flier

A day after Sen. Brian Stack (D-33) was blasted by Democratic State Chairman John Currie for issuing a flier in support of the state’s Republican governor, the Senate’s top Democratic lawmaker is weighing in on the issue.

Senate President Steve Sweeney released a statement Tuesday echoing Currie’s remarks. The Democratic leaders are responding to Stack’s flier that supports Gov. Chris Christie and refers to gubernatorial hopeful Sen. Barbara Buono as “out of touch and clueless.”

“Senator Buono is a true champion for New Jersey’s working class,” Sweeney said in a statement.

“Barbara has our complete support not because of her party affiliation, but because of her commitment to the people of New Jersey,” he said. “While Governor Christie is continually out of touch with the rest of New Jersey on marriage equality, increasing the minimum wage, funding for women’s health care, fighting for low income earners’ right to the Earned Income Tax Credit, and eliminating the wage gap, among many others, Barbara’s commitment to these issues has never been in question.”

Sweeney’s remarks were issued by the PAC New Jersey First. They come a day after Currie denounced “Senator Stack’s untrue and Christie-inspired statement.”

Stack formally endorsed Christie’s run for re-election last month.

The lawmaker’s chief of staff issued a statement Monday in response to Currie’s remarks.

“We expected obligatory statements of defense that would be delivered with a wink and a nod,” said Mark Albiez. “Such response is orchestrated by way of a temper tantrum and further illustrates why Gov. Christie is the superior choice.” Sweeney joins Currie in denouncing Stack’s flier