Tailor-Made: Carlton House Adds Designer Clothes, Fittings and Food to Amenities Arsenal

Father or custom suit fitter? (dbox)

Is that the father or the custom suit fitter? (dbox)

We thought we’d heard it all: pet spas, rent-a-butlers, concierges who can plan a romantic date or hire a helicopter at the last minute. But apparently there is no end to the things that rich people want to be able to do from the comfort of their own living rooms. Like going to Barneys without actually having to go to Barneys. Because shopping for designer clothes and eating at Fred’s can be so draining!

Extell just announced that it is partnering with Barneys to offer residents of the Carlton House, the old Leona Helmsley hotel to super-luxury condo conversion at 21 East 61st Street, special access to a number of the upscale department store’s services. Carlton House owners will get VIP access to the store, personal stylists and entree to the penthouse suite for private shopping. (Trying on clothing around other people is, you know, kind of low brow.) Residents will also be able to order lunch and dinner delivery from Fred’s and get made-to-measure services, in-home custom suit services and home delivery of any in-store purchase.

This will no doubt be a life saver for Carlton House’s very wealthy buyers, because although Carlton House is conveniently located right next to Barneys and a number of other upscale shopping and dining destinations, sometimes very wealthy, very important people just cannot get away for an upscale shopping or dining experience and may, under duress, be forced to do something declasse—like shop online or order from Seamless.

“The Carlton House will offer its residents the highest level of luxury and full-service amenities. Through this partnership, we are able to further that level of luxury through offering these exclusive programs at Barneys New York,” wrote Charlotte Blechman, Barney’s EVP of marketing and communications, in a release.

In short, two luxury brands uniting together, in the name of even greater luxury, will produce a level of luxury even higher than the highest level of luxury.

Tailor-Made: Carlton House Adds Designer Clothes, Fittings and Food to Amenities Arsenal