Testy Weiner Unfazed by Sinking Poll Numbers

Anthony Weiner this evening in the Bronx.

Anthony Weiner this evening in the Bronx.

An increasingly short-tempered Anthony Weiner brushed off new poll numbers out this afternoon that show his comeback candidacy tumbling following his latest sexting revelations.

Speaking to reporters this evening during a forum on housing issues in the Bronx, the former congressman insisted he didn’t care about the numbers, which now show him squarely in fourth place after he admitted he’d continued his lewd sexting habit long after his disgraced resignation.

“There have been a lot of polls in this race. And every time one has come out, whether I’m at the top or not, I’ve said the same thing: doesn’t change my life one bit,” he said, pointing to his ideas book. “I keep talking about the things I’m talking about, keep talking about my ‘Keys to the City.'”

“Polls don’t stop the election,” he added. “I’m going to keep moving forward. And I’m convinced, just like it happened at the beginning of the campaign, that I’m going to get an opportunity to talk to voters about what they care about.”

Mr. Weiner was again bombarded with questions about growing calls for him to pull out of the race–including from some members of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s circle, which is reportedly less than pleased with his decision. But Mr. Weiner stood his ground.

“Look, there are a lot of people who are saying a lot of things about this campaign and that’s great. I mean, I’m most concerns about the residents of the five boroughs. Now, I’m most concerned about Democratic primary voters. And that’s who I’m talking to,” he said–before being interrupted by another question about the Clinton camp.

“If I could just finish my answer,” he interjected sternly–one of several times he forcibly cut questioners off.

“I’m interested in what pundits say, I’m interested in what other politicians say,” he continued, “but not that much.”

Growing increasingly irritated, he also dismissed multiple questions about whether he had a sex addiction–arguing, once again, that he’d addressed the issue, despite refusing to discuss what he has vaguely framed as some sort of relapse that resulted in the most recent fling.

“You know, I spoke at great length about this,” he contended. “I think I interviewed with your outlet. I gave an 8,500-word story to the New York Times Magazine. I think I’ve pretty much said what I have to say about that. Now what I would like to talk about is housing in the Bronx. Any questions about that?”

There were none.

Testy Weiner Unfazed by Sinking Poll Numbers