The Daily Show Skewers Weiner Over Latest Sexting Revelations

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The Daily Show’s fill-in host John Oliver held no prisoners tonight as he took ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner to task over his latest sexting allegations, skewering the mayoral wannabe for continuing to communicate with random women long after his resignation.

“Now, America is collectively experiencing déjà ewww,” declared Mr. Oliver, who dedicated nearly two full segments of the show to his take-down, aided by mock movie posters and racy props.

Mr. Oliver seemed to take particular glee in Mr. Weiner’s alleged screen name, “Carlos Danger,” jokingly labeling it “a Bolivian action hero-slash-porn-star,” as cheesy Zorro-style music played.

“You might think that anyone caught in a situation this mortifying would have no choice but to just withdraw from the mayoral race immediately,” he suggested. “But you don’t know Carlos.”

There was also an unusual tinge of seriousness in Mr. Oliver’s take-down as he criticized Mr. Weiner for not revealing his apparent relapse sooner.

“This is all a lot of fun. The problem is New Yorkers have to vote for a mayor in 48 days. So we need to know how long ago candidate Weiner fell off the dick wagon and whether we can trust him at all to get back on it,” he said, laying out the timeline of Mr. Weiner’s confessions–including his People magazine spread claiming to being a changed man–which we now know was published as he was still sexting.

“What is clear at this point is this is beyond just a series of jokes–though it is definitely also that … He’s addicted to running for office. And if he could just give that up, he could live a full, productive life live is life as an internet sex freak,” he quipped.

Here’s the full Daily Show video:


The Daily Show Skewers Weiner Over Latest Sexting Revelations