Thompson Wonders Why the Media Isn’t Addressing Weiner Controversy

Bill Thompson on Morning Joe.

Bill Thompson on Morning Joe.

Yesterday, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio got to go on Morning Joe and bask in the new interest in his candidacy following re-scandalized Anthony Weiner’s drop in the mayoral race’s polls.

Today it was Bill Thompson’s turn–and the former comptroller got a bit cheeky when addressing the media’s obsession with the Weiner story.

“Bill Thompson came in, he said, ‘Listen I will talk only about Anthony Weiner and Anthony Weiner’s problems. Because I want to continue this,'” host Joe Scarborough offered as Mr. Thompson laughed. “You believe that we in the media haven’t been talking about Anthony Weiner enough.”

“He wants to give the story voice,” co-host Mika Brzezinski added.

“You guys haven’t covered that topic at all,” Mr. Thompson told them.

“Why is that?” a bemused Mr. Scarborough asked. “Do you think we’re afraid? Afraid of controversy?”

“It’s clear that the media just doesn’t want to tackle this tough subject of Anthony Weiner,” the candidate replied.

On a more serious note, Mr. Thompson expressed his frustration with the conversation. “Right now we’re not talking about affordable housing. We’re not talking about education. We’re not talking about the issues that are going to impact this city for decades to come,” he said. “What the media is talking about is Anthony Weiner. It has become a horrible distraction in this race.”

Mr. Thompson proceeded to use the rest of the interview to discuss policing, education, income inequality and Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed soda restrictions.

Watch below:
Thompson Wonders Why the Media Isn’t Addressing Weiner Controversy