Toddler Accidentally Buys Car on eBay

This is what apps hath wrought.

Let's hope her tastes aren't too expensive! (Flickr, atomicjeep)
Let’s hope her tastes aren’t too expensive! (Flickr, atomicjeep)

Here’s yet another piece of evidence to suggest that digital natives who’re barely out of diapers will soon be bossing us all around: KPTV reports that recently, thanks to the miracles of intuitive app design, a toddler barely a year old managed to use her father’s smartphone to order a car on ebay (EBAY).

That’ll teach her parents to try to make her take that nap.

According to KPTV:

“After verifying the purchase, he realized that his young daughter, who really enjoys playing with daddy’s smartphone, had logged into the eBay app which can be used to instantly make a purchase.

‘Tap, tap, tap and now I own a car,’ Paul Stoute said.”

And yet it takes me half an hour to complete a PayPal transaction.

(h/t New York Daily News

Toddler Accidentally Buys Car on eBay