Weiner Touts Hot Dog-Eating Champ’s ‘Affinity for Weiners’

Anthony Weiner speaks out on the steps of City Hall against Albany control of the city.

Anthony Weiner today.

Anthony Weiner was rather frank this afternoon about embracing puns linked with his last name.

When asked about his apparent endorsement from hot dog-eating champion Joey Chestnut, winner of the last six Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contests, Mr. Weiner said today he was glad that Mr. Chestnut was in his corner.

“Joey Chestnut obviously has an affinity for Weiners. You don’t get to be where he is unless you do,” Mr. Weiner told reporters following a press conference at City Hall discussing ways he thinks the city is too controlled by Albany.

“I can tell you I am glad that Joey has had such great success. I don’t know if we have a ‘Commissioner of Gorging Yourself on Processed Meat’ in the administration, but I am glad to have his support,” he said.

While he is polling either first or a close second in the increasingly tight mayor’s race, Mr. Weiner has thus far failed to amass endorsements from either elected officials or celebrities. Other candidates have been luckier in that regard; thespians like Alec Baldwin and Cynthia Nixon have flocked to Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, for instance, while Council Speaker Christine Quinn has won the support of actors Neil Patrick Harris and Jane Lynch.

And, although Politicker was unable to immediately confirm Mr. Chestnut’s endorsement, Mr. Weiner, clearly on a roll, was upbeat in his outlook.

“I can now no longer say I don’t have the support of any famous people,” said Mr. Weiner, who has repeatedly said he wants to focus his campaign on ideas instead of courting endorsements.

Still, he doesn’t have the hot dog vote locked up. The Rent is Too Damn High’s Jimmy McMillan was recently endorsed by Papaya Dog, the cheapo eatery that recently opened a location in the East Village and named a dog in Mr. McMillan’s honor.

Weiner Touts Hot Dog-Eating Champ’s ‘Affinity for Weiners’