Yelp Heat Map Sorts NYC’s Men by Neighborhood

Spoiler alert: there are hipsters in Brooklyn.

Head to the red spots if you like men in tight jeans. (Screengrab: Yelp)

Yelp may have inadvertently created the most effective online courtship tool since eHarmony.

This heat map shows where certain words pop up most often in Yelp reviews throughout the Big Apple. So next time you’re cruising for dudes in the five boroughs, why not use it to filter bachelors by stereotype?

In the mood for a gent who works in finance, law or advertising, and used to whip other guys’ butts with a bedazzled slab of wood for fun? Just click frat and the map shows you that the Upper East Side (duh), Murray Hill (duh x2) and the Village are teeming with them.

If bearded boys on bikes are more your thing, click hipster and Yelp will remind you, in case you haven’t read the Internet in the last 10 years, that Williamsburg and the East Village are your best bet.

Feel free to also check the kosher tag in case JDate’s not cutting it, or yuppie and pricey if you’re too cheap to buy an Ashley Madison membership. Happy hunting.

Yelp Heat Map Sorts NYC’s Men by Neighborhood