Bloomfield Mayor McCarthy stands with Christie

Demoratic gubernatorial nominee Barbara Buono is opening her local campaign headquarters in Bloomfield tonight.

But the incumbent mayor stands with Gov. Chris Christie.

“I’m happy that Barbara Buono is bringing her campaign to Bloomfield so she can see first hand how Governor Christie’s leadership and accomplishments are working for our residents,” Mayor Ray McCarthy said. “Our taxpayers are saving more than $2.5 million from the Governor’s bipartisan pension reforms that Barbara Buono voted against.  Property taxes were reduced for our families last year.  

“Our small businesses are benefiting from the Governor’s job-creating tax relief and our students will be even better prepared to succeed in life under Governor Christie’s bold education reforms.  I’m a proud Democrat, but I’m standing with Governor Christie because he’s getting the job done for our state and for the residents of Bloomfield.” Bloomfield Mayor McCarthy stands with Christie